Band Boosters



The Kettering Fairmont Band Boosters provide support for the Kettering Fairmont High School band programs in a working partnership with the Kettering Fairmont High School administration and band staff and the Kettering Board of Education. Activities include fund raising for the purpose of supplementing funds available for the band and guard programs and volunteer activities carried out by TEAMS as listed below.

Booster Meeting Schedule 2014-15

Executive Board

John and Rhonda Mercs President e-mail
Karianne Dill VP Fundraising e-mail
Lesley Reed VP Resources & Events e-mail
Lucy Kramer VP Transportation and Logistics e-mail
Jennifer Wenning VP Finance e-mail
April Kettlewell Treasurer e-mail
Pati Rogers Secretary e-mail

Team Captains

Rhonda Mercs Band Camp Click to volunteer
John Mercs Fall Classic Click to volunteer
Lesley Reed Winter Competitions Click to volunteer
Trista Vasvary & Nita Whitman Donation Day Click to volunteer
Rhonda Mercs Patron Drive Click to volunteer
Nita Whitman Pizza & Pretzel Sale Click to volunteer
John Mercs Trailer and Pit Crew Click to volunteer
Lucy Kramer Chaperones Click to volunteer
April Kettlewell Street Patrol Click to volunteer
Candy Hibner/Pam McIntosh/Dorothy Hunter Uniforms Click to volunteer
Denise Cordonnier Spirit Wear Click to volunteer
Lesley Reed Processing Day Click to volunteer
Marilyn Friend End of year awards Click to volunteer
Heather Klosterman and Jean Mueller Hospitality & Tailgate Click to volunteer
Tina Stewart Nurses Click to volunteer
Lucy Kramer Flag Sewing Click to volunteer
Rhonda Mercs Communications Click to volunteer
Renee Boedicker-Wright Guard Uniforms Click to volunteer
Percussion Sewing
Pati Rogers Concessions Click to volunteer


Berning, Michael, Bryce Newton

Blunt, Steve and Dee
Bowser, Eric & Ruthie
Bretlinger, Chuck
Campanella, Shari
Carr, Andrew
Cattell, Diana
Chong, Mike
Cook, Susan
Dill, Mike and Karianne
Dunbar, Joyce and Michael
Elder, Renea
Friend, Byron and Marilyn
Hunter, Eric and Jen
Johns, David & Karen
Kettlewell, April
Klawonn, MaryBeth
Kramer, Lucy
Leatherman, Larry and Carol
Lockhart, Michael and Val
MacLean, Dan and Karen
McIntosh, Pam
Mercs, John and Rhonda
Penner, Kim
Petrick, Gary and Carolyn
Ray, Sherri
Reed, Lesley
Reinke, Lisa
Rogers, Mike and Pati
Rosell, Scott and Michele
Shehadeh, Lily
Skaggs, Harold and Lisa
Smith, Mike
Wager, Mike and Margaret
Weiner, Todd and Jennifer
Wenning, Eric and Jennifer
Woods, Christine

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